The World of Arana Privacy Statement

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  1. Arana will not share your data except for purposes of delivering this service to you - not to any marketers.
  2. We do use cookies.
  3. We do record your IP address. This is more to deflect denial-of-service attracks than to track you.
  4. Your name and origin as provided by you is shared to other users unless you choose not to share them (set in Settings->Security). The default is to share.
  5. European users - note that while this service is starting up, your data is NOT protected within Europe. Use this site at your own risk. Once this service has been setup in Europe, this policy will be updated and your data appropriately protected under EU laws.
  6. Changes - this privacy statement will change! When this statement changes, you will be notified. You can always comeback to this page to see the current privacy settings.

In short, we're keeping your data private; we're not doing anything funny with it. Our intent is for you to enjoy our site, not to exploit your data.